Focus and Scope

International Journal of Education and Humanities (IJEH)

E-ISSN: 2798-5768


International Journal of Education and Humanities (IJEH) is a distinguished peer-reviewed and open-access journal affiliated with PT. Ilmu Inovasi Nusantara, Indonesia. The journal follows a published four times in one-year publication schedule, releasing issues in March, June, September, and December, with all articles as open access.

The International Journal of Education and Humanities (IJEH) is a prominent peer-reviewed and open-access journal serving as a platform for disseminating scholarly works by researchers and scholars worldwide. Specializing in education and Humanities, the journal is dedicated to advancing global theoretical developments with significant relevance.

The journal seeks to publish articles addressing educational development and socio-humanities issues. The scope encompasses:

  1. Education: Covering curricula, teaching and learning methodologies, Islamic education, educational technology, psychology, counseling, sociology, management, and research methods in education, among others.
  2. Humanities and Cultural Studies: Cultural studies, religion studies, Islamic studies, philosophy, ethics, consciousness, cross-cultural studies, history, historiography, theology, psychology, spirituality, human geography, anthropology, local wisdom, gender equality, linguistics, and natural sciences for social sciences.